Messenger quote…

Trying to manage a million things at once at the moment. Changes in work coming soon – don’t want to pre-empt the meetings I’ve had in the past week for friends who log on – and Sylver, Exile and many other things being worked on, not quite as we speak but in the same sort of quarter at least.

Messenger, published by the lovely people at DLT, has had a couple of reviews which I’m still trying to work out what to do with. The problem is that I’ve totally missed the boat with Christmas in mind so now have to start thinking in a logical manner for… what.. January? Easter? Hmmm… I try my best, is all I can say…

Anyhow: quoteses:

Tre Sheppard, lead singer and guitar amazingness from the awesome band Onehundredhours:
“I’ve liked Paul since I met him. This new book “Messenger” is a little like Paul actually… it’s quirky, engaging, creative and a seemingly quick read… of course, until you dive in and find wonderful depth, truth and a keen eye on the human condition and the need for grace. Count me in as a fan :)”

Ian from said:
As a medium this is fascinating. Given that tween guys are renowned non readers, I can see the attraction of exploring different forms of visual type. … actually it was a bit like watching a Shakespeare play, i.e at first the language is confusing and annoying but you quickly adapt and then virtually don’t notice.

I think the book is fun, a great experiment and well rendered (and) the teenage humour and angst came across extremely well.

((and you can read the review in full here)).

And the wonderful Phil Groom from the London School of Theology books and recsources dept said:
Read it, loved it: ace.
((and has promised a longer review when he’s got the time)).

Also; this one came in and I don’t know if I’m allowed to associate it just yet. But it amused me so here goes:

It’s the dictionary definition of cool, I felt hip just reading it ;o)

More, I hope, to come. But that’ll do for a start and I’m chuffed with the comments so far. Let me know if you’ve read Messenger and, if so, what you thought about it.