Daily Archives: 4 February, 2009

Summing up…


Without wanting to sound maudlin this sort of sums up living/coping with autism. Spent a lovely time with son boy drawing pictures of Rayman (Rayman 3 being a current favourite of his and mine when it first came out) but taking the pictures was a step too far and he ended up banging his head on the table (because that’s what Frida does, he told me).

That said seeing him draw was delightful and the pictures make me smile, but it’s s strange thing of balance, is trying to work out what to do and say to encourage onwards and not push too far… But maybe it did feel like pigeon steps forward.

Anyhow: Rayman 3… Crossing generations, abilities, all that 🙂 Was a well designed, beautifully presented game. One day a Rayman 4 Ubisoft? Hmmm? How about it? And no, Rabbids don’t count, although they are ace too.

Bit of a creative evening all round in fact: son drew, daughter wrote a story (and played the grow games online – and if you haven’t played Grow cube, RPG et al then you should, they’re loads of fun), wifey created a groovy level on Little Big Planet and I did this and other stuff (primarily updating the www.kercal.co.uk website a little with some more to come once I get the chance to re-encode the video files)… Yay for playing about and having free evenings and all that.

Currently listening to: Monkey soundtrack. Currently playing: Grow Cube. Currently watching: 24, Lost, Gallactica.

SNOW part four….

All school’s back today, well, both of ours anyhow. Art centre not back though, as we’re assuming that the evenings are going to be the harder parts of the day to travel in and a missed bus late at night is a killer. ((I still remember an Arriva bus – hi guys – waiting as I ran down the road before it slammed the door in my face and drove off on a late minus one night (I’d been given a lift in a friends car to near to the bus stop. With an hour between busses that was a long night))).

Which is a less than gentle moan. Actually I do like busses, despite them occasionally being driven by surly or scary individuals and priced to not compete. I like sitting near the back, left hand side, opening up the laptop (Macbook natch 🙂 not rich enough for a Pro and prefer the smaller 13 inch screen size) and typing away. So busses still get the nod from me, but occasionally a hesitant one. People often complain of having no time, me, I have no time also, but love the hour and a half I spend on a bus on a travelling day…

Anyhow, one school is not open, against the County Council advice, because the roads near it aren’t too treacherous, but too full of parents who drive their kids in, which makes them treacherous (seriously the drivers around the school don’t care about who’s around as long as they get their parking space.) Add ice into the mix and the school was right, although I dare say they’ll get a bit of flack for it.

Apart from that college is back also, but Weds is my clear day, so spending the day typing (mainly Sylver) as long as I can do so. Starting from… now!