Daily Archives: 8 February, 2009

Things I would like to do with my blog but have no idea how to do….

So, while I’m back in the blogging saddle, and enjoying it muchly (thanks team Wib for the work you put in to make things so Wibbly) there are a couple of things I’d love to do but have no idea where to start:

Can I change the image up top? Not that I don’t like the green splodges but would like to change it occasionally…

Can I change the width and the length of the box to the right?

Can I add code to images to change the size to make them all a uniform width (and relative height)?

Can I have the world on a stick?

Um… Can I have any advice in simple words/graphs ‘cos I is Dan Design… a writer/doodler and html is like a code or something… “)

ta muchos 🙂

My name is not Dan…

I want to make it clear that a: I’m now a writer/doodler so this toy is not representative of me in my new ’08/’09 series of figures and b: who the hooting heck has been stalking me to design their toys.

Aaaanyhow, a couple of obvious mistakes in this toy which stop it from being totally accurate: I have three bands on each hand (not just the one so there and – pop fact ahoy – one band on each hand is of the very cool www.engagehivaids.com ‘cos I is THAT supportive) and also, and possible not as obvious, my name is not Dan.

Apart from that this is moderately scary and also cool. Is it a toy or a card? I’m confused. Still, I’m also AN ACTION FIGURE WOO HOO!

((Thanks to Andy C for the heads up on who I should contact to assert image rights upon)).