Daily Archives: 12 February, 2009

The… ahem… best thing I saw today*

*which is a title shamelessly stolen from a rarely seen semi-friend who writes the www.chewingpixels.com blog amongst a huge number of other successful ventures. 

Aaanyhow: update 1 of 3:

TOTALLY addicted to this site, which contains a wealth of beautiful imagery. Lost an hour and a half to it this morning and can see many more hours stolen from me by its contents:


Update 2 of 3:

While I was at work today wifey took daughter and cousin to London town and had a whale of a time. They also snapped this which, I think, proves that if you want to get ahead in art you need to get orange hair and a beard:


Vincent 01
Vincent 01
Vincent 2
Vincent 02

Does look grumpy though… Hmmm… Anyhow, comes with detachable ear, apparently. Amazing photos taken by wifey who is by far the better snapper of the family.


Update 3 of 3:

Can’t think. There was something I’m sure, but need to get some sleep as I’m ordered to an all day INSet marking session tomorrow and need to get some shut eye. Vaguely hoping that I wake up a little different as am feeling very small and unsuccessful at mo’ but hey ho. At least I’ve got orange hair and a beard eh? That’s something at least.

Brief distractionalisming.


Original doodle. Seriously it was that or eating my legs as a measure to stave of madness...
Original doodle. Seriously it was that or eating my legs as a measure to stave of madness...


After a little Pixelmator magic...
After a little Pixelmator magic...

So the headache from the meetings has subsided, a little, although work mojo is currently at low tide. Will try and get back onto speed track in a min but thought I’d add this and then start off back on Sylver stuff and then teaching planning thereafter.

Actually work ebb may be down to the fact that son boy was up through the night from 2.30 onwards and didn’t get back to sleep until 5… So brain really isn’t all there.

Also, shan’t mention last nights drive which saw us almost spin off the road three times. But that was fun.

OK, must be working! Back soon.

Actually, one more thing and it’s a mini-rant. I’m a big podcast fan listening to the casts far more than music nowadays. Favourites include TWIT, MacBreak Weekly, One Life Left, Buzz Out Loud, Ben Heck, This American LIfe, Fighting Talk, Kermode and Mayo, iFanboy and a few others. That’s probably one too many and I’ve just decided to start culling a little, despite my love for all of them. Buzz Out Loud is the first to get unsubscribed, mainly because, while most of the team are spectacularly good and entertaining to listen to, one of the mainstays has gone and they’ve struggled to replace her. The new voice just doesn’t gel for me, although that’s obviously a personal decision, and causes more problems than I think she addresses… At least it’s made the decision easier so that’s something.


((two quick questions if anyone uses this skin and knows: 1: where is the about me box to change the text at the bottom of the page? and 2: can I change the text size a little? It’s a bit small, although not too bad I suppose… Nice design though, like it lots)).