Toy Story at the Electric Theatre.

On the big screen? Oh yes.

That said I’m fully expecting to see it’s dated, a little anyway, but Pixar are still the go to group for animation (hence Disney panicking and buying them when they said they were going it alone) and testament to that fact is that we all watched Ratatouille yesterday and are watching Monsters Inc today. Wall-E is a family favourite and, while teaching animation the other day, I used Incredibles as an example of best practice (in many terms – primarily foreshadowing, anticipation and taking a story and honing it down to a minute long version during the credits sequence).

Not to mention that Toy Story 2 is the best sequel EVER  🙂 Bugs LIfe has fabulous bad guys (although is the messiest of the Pixar line up) and Cars is possibly my favourite film ever.

Have I missed one? Nemo! 

Ah…. Hmmm…. I love Nemo, but the end makes me indescribably sad for a couple of reasons which I won’t share but can’t dismiss. 

Any more? Hmm Ts, Bl, Ts2, Mi, Fn, I, C, R, W-e… Think that’s it. That’s the chemical lineup for ace stuff incidentally. 

Different subject: I also showed students the Thief and the Cobbler (well, parts of and the making of) and THAT is something I would love to see on the big screen. One day…

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