Cobblered my back in yesterday. Which is moderately annoying and frustrating. I’ve gone 37 years on the planet with no back problems and 1 year pretty much totally┬ásusceptible, which, I suppose, put that way isn’t a bad ratio to complain about, but have spent most of the day lying on the floor. Sigh.

Did take the bus into town with son boy as a: he was a bit bored and b: wifey was feeling too sick to move also and c: when I said ‘should I take him into t – o – w – n’ we found out that he can now spell the word and instantly said yes. Scuppered. Still he was very good and, for the most part, stayed with me when staying with was required.

Anyhow bored now. Ouch.

On the Sylver side of things: now on pge 250 of the redraft and that’s when the main strands need to be slightly amended. Nothing huge thankfully as one character who has been… dealt with… can be transposed for another and it’s actually very pleasantly neat and tidy. The main change is the upping of four new characters screen time and … hmm… they make an impact, shall we say. For the first time writing Sylver 3, and having a quick tot up it turns out to be my seventh published work which is quite cool, I’m really enjoying it and finding the frustrations have now pretty much all melted away. I think we’re all good to go for a release date… soon… ­čÖé but for the moment the first sight of it, sample chapters and all, will be the CBC/CBA (and CBA has ALWAYS struck me as the wrong three letters, much like the School Christian Action Team is very unfortunately named as is the County Councils youth work initiative; the Youth Offending Team is just plain stupid. Still, no-one asked me). Anyhow: CBC/CBA in Epsom: March 12 – 15 at the Highland books stall if anyone wants to say ‘hi’. I think I’ll be there on the Friday and Saturday (but we’ll see, planning that in the next week) and Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time will be very much on show and, bad back notwithstanding, I can’t wait.


Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time front cover.
Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time front cover.

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