One more thing for the day…

Also: keep forgetting to big up this, which the publisher started off for me and I then forgot to mention anywhere much (sorry, been a hectic end of year last year).

Join if you’d like, would be nice to see people there.

Although, that said, I’m not really a Facebook person. For a start I prefer Myspace and for a second start I hate the whole XXXYYYZZZ has invited you to give all of your details to a third party to answer twenty questions about squirrels. 

Also, in other, different news, I picked up Guitar Praise for the PC/Mac yesterday and I’m reminded of that because, in the dim and distant past of last Novembre I’d hoped to do a Geetar Praise night as a launch doo-dah. That didn’t come to be so I picked it up to see how it played and had a quick blast on it today, propped upright on a wall to keep my back from ouchying. 

Not sure what to say about it really, not quite yet anyhow. Only played it for half an hour or so which isn’t anywhere near enough to write any sort of review, although without wanting to seem too unkind I dare say some reviewers have tried… I will be playing more of it soon and the music chosen was a good mix so the initial thoughts were not unpositive…

Also, dissimilarly linked I’m watching Lost while typing and have just seen the Killzone 2 ad. Um. Again, not sure what to say, but they’ve possibly suffered enough so shan’t really add to that. For the obvious strengths of the game (and I’m not saying whether it’s good or not, just that it has strengths) the advert does seem to spectacularly miss them in a pinpoint way. Impressive.