And one more thing… (for the moment).

Barely took notice of the Oscars… Not something that interests me greatly. However I can rant about a criminal injustice with the best of them so, having just listened to MacBreak weekly can I just agree that Wall-E  (winner, I’ve just read, of the best animated film oscar  which is beyond well deserved and when I have more time I’m going to google Andrew Stantons acceptance speech because I’d love to see what he said, not to mention Ed Catmull getting a technical achievement oscar which, again, is long in coming bearing in mind Pixar have had such a run of amazing films over the past 14 years or so) did not win the best sound in a film. Losing to Batman. 

Now I’ve seen Batman once. Thought it was good, not world shatteringly great and, if you’re one of my art students (hi gang) then you’ll know what I attribute it’s initial flurry of success to. However I remember nothing about the sound bar Batman’s silly voice distorter. That’s not necessarily a bad thing: a good film effect is the one that you didn’t realise was an effect but Wall-E was a consumate example of sound design and implementation. The first half of the film should have had sound nominated as the best supporting actor. 

Chalk that one down to Iron.E and fallac.E 

Truly I do not understand the business of commerce pretending to be creativity. And the award for biggest miss goes to…