Incidentally: little bit of Summer Sylver watch.

… there had been a brief hold up on Sylver 3 on, ironically, a tiny, tiny point. I’d decided to reword the first paragraph and what a hassle that turned out to be. Sigh. 110,000 words (yep, none of your 98,000 words slacking off of Dr Sylver two nosiree) and it turns out to be the silliest thing in me getting my head down and getting it handed in for the middle of March as promised. If you haven’t already done so I should pick up Dr Sylver 1 and 2 from here and here respectively (how’s that for not showing any favouritism) because the reveal of the bad guy will be that much bigger if you know where that persons come from in the first place. It does say in book 1 who the big bad will be at the end, well, the clues are there at least, but so far no-one’s asked if it’s the person who it will be… So I’m either clever or obtuse.

That said it’s done now and I like it loads. Hopefully I’ll be posting up chapter 0 and chapter 1 (or something similar) as a digital download and text attachment here soon enough.

The chapter title, I’m sure I can share that wouldn’t you think? Again it makes me smile, which is a good start, for me at least. Chapter 0 of Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time is called ‘The diary of days yet to come.’ 

… which is optimistic in as much as the main thrust of the book is that, once the bad guys have had their way, there won’t be any days yet  to come at all. So maybe I’m just being sneaky.

Anyhow: Still on for May and a nice slice of summer reading. I think. That’s the plan anyhow. We’re also hoping to do a joint Messenger/Dr Sylver gig in May, well… I say gig… Something a little diferent, although again the problem with plans up in the air is that they can land on my head like a stone rhino at times. We’ll see.