Random things I love in the digital age:

‘cos lists is in.

10: Blender – free 3d software and totally groovy.
9: my ipod nano 3g which I gave to my daughter when I got an ipod touch and totally miss now.
8: Pixelmator – lovely cheap photo editing software.
7: Spawn illuminati: gorgeous playful app for the ipod touch. Loads of fun.
6: Wii fit which is all sorts of ace.
5: Samarost (a free Flash game playable in your browser) which I still think is one of the most beautiful games ever.
4: Background generator: another daily app stop off for me.
3: a digital tool which allows me to compress the junk I have to smaller chunks that can be stored more easily. Which sadly only exists in my mind….

So, because 3 was a cheat here’s another one: I love the idea of digital comics – being a comic book fan but not wanting the clutter of a collection or the faff or trying to work out what’s going to be groovy at the time from an explanation on a webpage. So already I’ve downloaded a couple of comics, most notably the fascinating A Contract With God from Will Eisner and a few from the iverse stable. I vaguely mention this because, post Sylver, I intend to re-tout around the comic book I drew – pre-Exile Road – which I’d still love to get off the ground. We’ll see. But it’s nice to read comics again and the ipod is a good medium to present them on.
2: Classics: another app – just for the page turn animation if nothing else 🙂

and at number 1:

Onelifeleft which is a computer games related podcast. They’ve just released the final show of season 4 on itunes as a free download (caution – occasionally close to the knuckle at time, in the past anyhow but described as clean on the feed description) and the final ep was an absolute corker from top to tail. A barnstorming classic: 7/10.

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  1. Um, does not understanding what half those things are make me a techno phobe or just old?

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