The Miz.


So: aforementioned school (see the Lord Ron post) has been doing it’s production and it’s a complete corker. Very groovy from top to tail and this poster fell out last night as a result.

It’s weird though, seeing youth groupers and all sorts of children I know in a variety of parts. My god daughter dies part way through act 1 and two more commit acts of treason or treachery. May have to have a word with them post show youth group about the fact that I frown upon torture and warfare by and large. As soon as I got home I wanted to load up the pictures I’d taken to see how they came out on the bigger screen and had a facebook chat with one of the lead harlots who asked me what I thought of the show. It’s occasionally a strange life.¬†

Anyhow: hats off to the school production team one and all. They were all sorts of awesome. Champions League/Shmampions league. Les Mis by a cast of hundred + ¬†where it’s at.