Expression Gallery/Pixelmator manual.



Doing the image thing as an emergency valve against all of the words I’ve had to edit this and last week… Uploaded a few images to the Expression gallery which can be found here: 

I’ll be adding more as time goes by, some even not about elephants 🙂 🙂  partially as it’s so easy to participate in their gallery pages and partially because I like to use Expression and think the results are fairly strong, if I say so myself, egotistically 🙂

There’s some other nice stuff up there so well worth a few minutes having a mooch around I’d have said.

Also was contacted by team Pixelmator asking for permission to use one of my images in their next manual which is hugely exciting and of course I said yes straight away 🙂 Big fan of both Pixelmator or Expression so am happy to see some of my pictures going all over the place.