Side project preview…

So I’ve been working on two books back to back and this is the second, Sylver 3 being the first.

TBH I’m very happy with Sylver, sorry should start training myself into using its proper name: Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time, because I think that, out of anything I’ve written, its the thing that does anticipation best (I think, anyway. Time and reviews will tell).

This is the other project: a hard cover, dust jacketed, 80 page collection of artwork from my days at various computer games houses, multi-media companies, freelance posts etc and a lot of personal stuff that’s never been seen before. It’s very much a vanity project and my dad in law put it best when he said ‘…but who would want to read this*?’

Dunno, was my answer at the time. I’m not in any illusion about its appeal and that I’ll probably be the highest customer for it to nab copies for those nearest and dearest, but at £15 or so for well over 100+ images I think it is a complete snip**!








What no blurb at the back…? Again I’m imaging this is something I’m more likely to buy for friends and family and, with that in mind, the back and the blurb will be personalised per person. May do a second cover with blurb on for those who cant do without but I’d far rather it was the final picture and every one was different…

Righto, more pix to add later but, as ever, onwards. And, in the direction I’m headed is children to sleep swiftly followed by me.

* although of course sometimes people could say that about anything I write… Sigh…

** but then, I would say that…

***Book available from as of June the 1st, 2009. Price to be confirmed but around £8 for the softcover version and £15 for the hardback version. Artist hand not included but more than happy to personalise each one. Email me for  a link if you can’t wait otherwise I’l post it here soon.