Dear Me,

Been a little quiet, sorry. Stuff all over the place for many reasons at mo’. Just finished a couple of images for the Diocese which will be uploaded soonish, couple of college projects on the go that sort of thing. Also had to clear all of my stuff out of the arts centre and that was quite affecting in ways.

And of course it’s a holiday.

Anyhow: I’m quite fond of an American writers group called The Writers View. Twice a week they send out a question and, if relevant (and occasionally not) people will reply with their comments and ideas. It’s often good fun. The question this week was what would the writer you are now say to the writer you started out as and this was my reply. Made me smile so I thought I’d add it here too:

Dear me,

Wow, you’ve started a new thing, congratulations.

Some advice: don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone does something well, including you/me. Don’t take on everything, because everything will then suffer. Don’t give too much attention to the naysayers or the people who say you’re the next C S Lewis. Listen to your wife more, even though she’s never known how to sugar coat something – that’s a positive thing!

Don’t leave it all to the last minute, don’t forget to stop having fun while you’re doing the deadline thing. Don’t comfort eat. Do things that are unrelated to the work, regularly.

And don’t call two characters in your book similar sounding names you numbskull.