Bit of Sylver stuff

First off: Happy Easter! Hope that it was filled with hope and new beginnings and eggs and joy. Family Kercal had a busy one, dashing from church to family to other family to all over the place but was a lovely time  and being busy does make you appreciate the break when you get there 🙂

OK chat time about Sylver as I’ve spoken about pretty much all else for the past while.

May (may) see the release of Dr Sylver and the Tapestry of Time, the third and final book in the Everything trilogy (although not necessarily the last book in the series. We’ll see. That’s cryptic enough for the mo I think). The heroes of the tale are still the deaf and signing kid, the ex-bully, his ex-victim and a fourteen year old mother. Joining them are the nervous Christian, the self-harming goth and the wounded joker. It’s the six of them against the worst powers that Hell can throw at them… Doesn’t sound like a fair fight which is good, because it isn’t, but they aren’t alone and they aren’t defenseless. 

They are, however, in for a bit of a roller-coaster ride into some very dark places and some don’t emerge unscathed, either by their own choice or by the actions of others.

It’s had a semi-troubled gestation. Was finished last year but, because of a couple of personal reasons – family illness and such – the last couple of chapters were rushed and, as a result, didn’t have the required…. hmmm…. bite. Because there is a sting in the tail, oh yes. And if some people were cross with Sylver 1 for sailing close to the wind. Well… They’d better not read part three. The people who liked Dr Sylver 1 described it as edgey and earthy and 3 makes it look a bit sedate in ways 🙂 For the most part the questions are answered, although a couple are left open and one question that no-one’s spotted is left hanging for another time. 

It is, however, now done, pending approval by the publisher, and depending on a meeting on Weds we’ll know the date then. It does mean I’m all hands to the pump for the final couple of things, inner page image included and this is where it stands at the moment. It’s…. obtuse…. But makes sense when you read the book. Still needs come cleaning up but it’s getting there. 



Hopefully we’re getting there, although as ever with anything I do it’s a strange birth and I’m ultra-nervous for a variety of reasons. But, as with book 2 when the switch happened, I wish I could see people’s faces at three specific points in the story because… Well, if you’re expecting what happens then you’re weird, man 🙂

Anyhow, I’ll let you know on Weds what comes to be in terms of release date. Have a lovely Easter Monday.