Trees: the return thereof

For a variety of reasons I’m feeling moderately deflated. Sylver 3 has been pushed back to June 19th which is scarily close to the summer season (and is mostly my fault but hey ho). It’s both the best thing I’ve written and, seemingly, the hardest thing to push and, energy levels wise it just seems like a very high mountain to climb.

Similarly there’s a huge amount of stuff to be done in what feels like every aspect of my life. Nothing feels like a tick on the list and subsequently it’s hard to know where to start. Ah well.

Because of that, I guess, I’ve just spent half an hour in my favourite paint package (well, a couple of hours – one of the jobs was a book cover for someone which is a nice piece of art if it’s selected) and, as soon as that was finished I’ve gone onto this, just for the mental relaxation of it. It came out pretty well, for a half hour doodle, hence the uploading of it here.

Off to youth group soon, which I’m sure I’ll enjoy – lovely bunch of kids – but today must admit the energy and hope levels are pretty low….