Mini review of books, sort of/kind of.

Brief update amidst chaos. This weekends been both wonderful (lovely weather that allowed us to do a lot) and a fire fight with autism at the centre of just about everything we did and had to do… On a program in the last week someone described parenting autistic children and adults as never getting beyond the stage of dealing with a 2 year old and, to an extent, that’s true (which makes it all the more difficult when the 2 year old is trapped in a healthy 9 year old body and wants to jump at you from the middle stair). The good thing about it then, I suppose, is that if you like Pixar films, Brum and Thomas the Tank engine you’re going to get very knowledgable about the plot lines through repetition.

So, at the end of a pretty long 48 hours, it was very pleasant to see a twitter… um…. tweply (? re-tweet? Tweet back?) from a Mr T. Merritt to say he enjoyed the card and was ‘impressed’ with the books. In 140 characters it made me smile, want to know more (either one in particular? Favorite character, can I post the quote in big, neon letters, that sort of thing), want to print a screenshot of the page and post it and all sorts. Regardless of increased curiosity levels it was a pleasant end to the day, which now gets a postscript here. 

Heck of a week to come: lots of juggling with a freelance job which had been agreed to which falls slap bang in the middle of the college’s ofsted inspection, a few emails that really need sorting out, a new CRB to be completed, a staff card to be applied for… Stupid amounts of stuff that have to be done by Monday alone…. But for the moment I’m happy 🙂