Changing direction, grieving a little…

So change is coming, which I’ll write about soon but some aspects of my life are very much up in the air all over again. Not that I’ve not been in that position before and it was a time of uncertainty and blessing in that order so I’m sure faith and hope’ll get me through again. Still, as I reach the ripe old age of very nearly forty it gets less and less fun to juggle on a tightrope.

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one of the things I miss most was a personal and group project combined. The Guildford Big Book Draw was always a load of fun and, for the first three years, we (by which I mean wifey and I as well as some lovely helpful teens from the youth group) would get out loads of art materials and just have fun with whoever wanted to join us. Then, on the third year of doing that I did my back in carrying it, because we had so many people joining in. So last year we went small and did mini-books which was lovely as well. This year is up in the air and I truly hope we do it but we’ll see. Here are some of the paintings from two years ago and they’re all sorts of ace. One day I hope circumstances put me in a book draw place again…


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