Visiting the man in the moon…

Yesterdays bus draw Brushes doodle is:


Animated file:


Hurrah. Enjoyed the bus trips both times last night and even finished the night on an EXCELLENT gig at the Boileroom by Anna and the Octaves (had gone to see Natalie Ross but she kidnapped me and said to enjoy the show. Everyone should have a shoulder Natalie). This came out of that:


Which is not entirely finished – ran out of time and source material of a photo that I would normally take was clobbered by being out of battery grr. Hey ho.

Then, back home post work to find daughter throwing up as she had been from 9 pm and would continue to do til 2am and then start all over again at 6. Poor lil wotsit. I’m on bucket duty now, in fact, although she’s been asleep since 12 ish.