Got the venue got the date…


So: planning for October already: got the venue sorted – the lovely St Saviour’s church in Guildford. Its a fab venue: accessible, light, airy, perfect for drawing and creating something in. Hurrah.

Also the date is nailed down so if you’d like to come to a 5th Annual Big Book Draw in Guildford pencil in October the 17th. It’s gonna be all sorts of ace.

((I’ve also bought all the shrink plastic in anticipation and am now keeping an eye out for materials. More n that later…))

So, image above, process animation to come… Still loving brushes although I did have my first crash yesterday on this very image and, more worryingly it took out the image I was working on in its entirety. Fortunately I had just duplicated the picture (well, not too many steps beforehand) so… Well… Still loving it but that one worried me a little.

((edit1: updated image slightly. Added some shadows and glows.))