The assassination of Jesse James by…

… the robot driven Ford Ka.



… Seemed funny (ish) at the time. It’s a riff on this:


although mostly the image was done on a bus and then finished off in a bath. That lettering took FOR-flipping-AGES and yes, I know, I could have done it in Pixelmator in a squillionth of the time. Wanted to do as much in Brushes as I could. In the end I just added the vignetting in Pixelmator and that was that.

In other news I’m excitedly downloading the Expression Design 3 demo at the moment. If I had the time to do so I’d spend all day playing with a ummm quadumvirate? of art packages: Pixelmator, Brushes, Blender and Expression Design. All of them (bar brushes) are hitting pretty major updates soon (1.5, xx, 2.5 and 3 respectively) and that always makes me wan to play and see what’s new. Surprisingly all are allegedly the less well known applications (I also own Photoshop, Freehand and 3dsMax – legally I add) but these lower league programs often show themselves to be better than the big boys…

Anyhow: it’s downloaded now so time to play 🙂

((Sigh, take it back, time to download Net framework 3.5 – which keeps bombing out, and then install. Grrr)).

(((and… to be fair to Microsoft, it’s not just their software that’s giving me grief this morning: iMovie is crashing out repeatedly while trying to convert a clip too 🙁 ))).

Lastly: while I’m waiting for things to install, download and upload, here’s the timelapse of the Assassination picture with not particularly great garageband soundtrack. Hey, what can I say, I was multi-tasking and doing this and kids brekkies and everything…