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I’m going to need a bigger poster: Big Book Draw.

So loads of lovely people have said yes to my request for doodles, which is lovely. The poster’ll need amending now because Kieron Gillan, writer of music and comics and computer game reviews and the newly minted writer on the Mighty Thor for Marvel has said yes as had David (flipping) Petersen, writer and artist of the Mouse Guard.

Long standing readers (hey mum and Ian*) will know I LOVE the Mouse Guard using it when able in college teaching and when not able just sitting and wallowing in its loveliness. So am excited he’s said yes and can’t wait to see the result.

A mouse, yesterday.
A mouse, yesterday.

(*I jest. Mum doesn’t read the blog.)

I am still after musicians to do me some doodles. For some reason they seem the least replyableing to my begging but there’s time… Although I will have to start with the collaborative big piece soon.

My artwork in the Tate…

Sort of kind of.


The Tate Modern to be exact, which I enjoyed a lot more than wifey and daughter did. Oh well, will have to waddle over there another time without them.

Also a couple of gratuitous shots, total new camera syndrome beginning to wear off now though.. A little.



Keen on the Repository of the Past shot, ahem, sorry, I mean St Paul’s Cathedral… The horses at Camden Market are OK but I didn’t quite get the angle I wanted. Bearing in mind it was a quick snap while waiting for wifey and daughter to go somewhere on their own and carrying half a hundred weight of bags it was OK.

The PS3 slim…

OK of interest to 0.1% of my potential audience but:

PS3 slim. Well done Sony for losing the Spiderman font which was one of the biggest corporate bodges of recent memory. Not the reason why things went so bad for the machine for the first couple of years but symptomatic of the lack of focus it had when brought to market.

Not well done materials used for the slim. What is that mottled plastic top? Looks not very nice at all.

Still, I reckon it’ll hit second place now: blu-ray is becoming almost affordable, data caps will limit streaming media acceptance, some games are hitting the shelves that people will want to play and all that. A couple of years too late the PS3 arrives. ((Little Big Planet is still a masterpiece though, so well done them and MM for that)).

Still. Horrible materials. Shudder.

A list of my favourite things :)

Well, sort of kind of.

During the week I try and check in with The Writers View, an American Christian writers collective. I like their wealth of experience and range of view points, most of the time, and roll my eyes at some of the suggestions, some of the time.

This mondays question was ‘what are your favourite things’ and that drew this responce from me which I thought I’d add here, just in case anyone’s trying to get a birthday list sorted for me (hint: early December):

My favourite things include (but are not limited to 🙂 )

An Apple Macbook Pro to write on. (It’s great but I miss the old 12 inch in a way and definitely miss the matt screen. Everything else about it is lovely. Nice one Apple. Not that I won’t buy a tablet when you release one.)

A reporter’s notepad to write on (I like the speed you can get between
writing and line breaks). ((All other pads seem too wide….))

Derwent Inktense pencils to write and draw with (beautiful colours that work
well with water brush).

Pages rather than Office. Every time.

Pixelmator over Photoshop.

Expression 3.3 over Illustrator.

The number 34 and 35 busses to sit on and write. They are my working zone:
the movement and bouncing take care of the left hand side of the brain
allowing the right hand side the leeway to play about with words. I often
sit and draw on them too.

Running a youth group. It’s a very useful thing to be able to stop thinking
and do something unrelated. Especially if that comes in useful later for



Brushes on the iPod touch. Awesome little art application. Muchos fun and
surprisingly powerful.

The Writers View for the wealth of chattiness 🙂

Actually there’s no present suggestions on there at all. Blast. Oh well. Cartoon socks ftw. They always go down well.