Actually I do need to learn to say the word ‘no’…

So unsolicited advice welcomed 🙂

And I need to say ‘no’ to myself as much too. No, you’re already doing 1 – 3 books in the next year, don’t add 2 more to the list etc… (But they’re so concise! And sorted, and cute, I argue with myself, hey ho).

Diff subject, in lunchtime of summer school 1 of 3 this week (trying to get all of my youthwork in one week in Aug to free up the rest for family stuff). So far lovely kids and results 🙂 On to silk painting in a few mins from badges and shrink plastic. Onwards 🙂

One thought on “Actually I do need to learn to say the word ‘no’…

  1. Glad it was welcome.

    Interesting point re: saying no to self. Adult learning course thing posted thru door today. ‘Ooh lookee’ thinks I, in my usual naive enthusiasm ‘a wood turning course and an RHS gardening course – those would be fun’.

    No, Dith, no no no! (If cloning is not possible, can someone invent a machine for adding more hours to the day, please?!?)

    Also, did you know that is is possible to click on the ‘puter screen in some way and make it go blue? Did it by accident yesterday, and the sea came in on your barnacle photo! 🙂

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