Those who know me have probably become long used to me with headphones stuck in my ears listening to my iPod.

It used to be that I was listening to music and, by and large, that would be bands such as Onehundredhours, Quench, Alison Moyet, Blur, Booley, Duke Special, Gorillaz and a fair few more.

Nowadays it’s split between that and podcasts. When I bought my first iPod (a nano that said it was {red} but was in fact metallic pink) I downloaded a podcast onto itunes to see what they were like and was hooked ever since. So if you see me with headphones in it’s as likely to be One Life Left, Macbreak Weekly, TWIT, BOL, Joystiq, Kermode and Mayo and iFanboy as it is likely to be music and they’re all ace and fine companions to the week.

Not that I have a favourite but this image just sprung to mind and I started and finished it yesterday on a bus and in the Weatherspoon’s. Twas fun to do… The image isn’t really original I guess but it works (for me at least) so up it goes. Financially and time wise I don’t really follow comics as much as I would like at the mo (I was hugely into them in the 80’s/early 90’s) but still catch up with the various universes through iFanboy at least.



Brushes again, with a hint of Pixelmator as well to finish off. Now to have a rest for a while, worked with 120 kids this week and it’s time for ten minutes of silence to let my brain cool down…