Daily Archives: 15 August, 2009

Been away. Back now.

Hardly earth shattering news but hey ho.

So: had a short break between summer schools and family things and all sorts and dashed down to Dorset. Was lovely and, for once, the weather was almost totally with us during a holiday which was very pleasant.

Pics added. Family ones kept elsewhere but these are some of the texture doodles I did using new *(second hand but still way better than my last one) camera. Still working out what some of the settings do but some of the pics came out OK.

Actually I say the holiday was OK… As you can imagine a holiday with an autistic child is… Well. When it works it’s a joy and when it doesn’t it leaves someone in tears. My turn this time, but there you go, that’s life.








Also: big ups to the Lazy Lizard at Weymouth. Lovely place. Wish I could have spent more time in there relaxing but wasn’t my timetable.