Daily Archives: 19 August, 2009

The PS3 slim…

OK of interest to 0.1% of my potential audience but:

PS3 slim. Well done Sony for losing the Spiderman font which was one of the biggest corporate bodges of recent memory. Not the reason why things went so bad for the machine for the first couple of years but symptomatic of the lack of focus it had when brought to market.

Not well done materials used for the slim. What is that mottled plastic top? Looks not very nice at all.

Still, I reckon it’ll hit second place now: blu-ray is becoming almost affordable, data caps will limit streaming media acceptance, some games are hitting the shelves that people will want to play and all that. A couple of years too late the PS3 arrives. ((Little Big Planet is still a masterpiece though, so well done them and MM for that)).

Still. Horrible materials. Shudder.