Daily Archives: 23 August, 2009

I’m going to need a bigger poster: Big Book Draw.

So loads of lovely people have said yes to my request for doodles, which is lovely. The poster’ll need amending now because Kieron Gillan, writer of music and comics and computer game reviews and the newly minted writer on the Mighty Thor for Marvel has said yes as had David (flipping) Petersen, writer and artist of the Mouse Guard.

Long standing readers (hey mum and Ian*) will know I LOVE the Mouse Guard using it when able in college teaching and when not able just sitting and wallowing in its loveliness. So am excited he’s said yes and can’t wait to see the result.

A mouse, yesterday.
A mouse, yesterday.

(*I jest. Mum doesn’t read the blog.)

I am still after musicians to do me some doodles. For some reason they seem the least replyableing to my begging but there’s time… Although I will have to start with the collaborative big piece soon.