Daily Archives: 7 September, 2009

Big Book Draw pic.

So the Big Book Draw is gathering steam. I’ve probably done as much as I’m able doodle provider wise – and done far better than I guess I would have ended up being so far: it’s a heck of a set list. I am a little… glum is too strong a word… sad that I couldn’t get any actors onboard and a couple of specific names I was really hoping to receive stuff from but hey ho. I’m really pleased with the people who’ve said yes, that’s a fab group.

Materials wise it currently stands at what we can afford for £250. Moderately tricksome as there’ll be 250 people there at least I’m guessing so this is causing a certain amount of creative thinking. Much of what we need won’t be able to be bought in so we’ll have to make do with created objects and reused materials and so on. Not a problem – we’ve done 15 years of youth group with the same philosophy and the pencil box from the youth work side is HEAVING, but every year it gets a smidge tighter… I do want to do a perspex wall with some of the yellow pens (can’t remember the name but they’re the best thing to draw on perspex ever) but in all likelihood that will be beyond us.

One of the nicest things about the Book Draw is that the day is that the doodling of the work that people will use as the basis for the book is coinciding with my ever growing love for Brushes on the iPod touch. I’ve got twenty or so plates to draw that will then be shrunk and photocopied in place, most likely being turned into outlines to be coloured in as well… But it’s so much fun to play around with it I can imagine most pieces will have more work put into them than they would strictly need. Anyhow, pages 7+8 below:


Also: Weds is THE day…

Well, probably not if all accounts are to be believed. And no that’s not a Beatles thing although I am SERIOUSLY tempted to pick up Beatles Rock Band.

Nope, Weds is the Apple event to show off… Well, in all likelihood the new iPod lineup for the next year. It’ll be fun to watch – these things generally are – but I’m still hoping for Steve to walk out, say one more thing and whip out an iPad. I’m loving Brushes still (although, for reasons I’ll get into another time, I’ve not upgraded to v2) and the idea of a 10 inch iPad screen to draw on is the most exciting thing possible.

Also: Pixelmator 1.5 out on tuesday. This is a big week 🙂 Which makes it even more ironic that I fell downstairs on Saturday damaging my left foot. No breaks, fortunately, but a lot of tissue damage and lots of ows every time I put weight on it even though the doctor who dealt with me all but ordered me to walk on it every day for as long as I could bear it. Fun.

Happy 200th…


Been a huge fan of comics in the past, mainly between the 80’s and 90’s and then kind of fell out of that scene. Can’t remember if there was something specific that made me move away, not maturity certainly – if I pick up a comic book I enjoy it as much as I ever did – but same old same old ugly Liefeld style imagery, Jim Lee style over saturation and hype and ever spiralling cover prices probably didn’t help. The Sienkiewiczs and McKeans seemed in the minority and the Image style muscles and boobs seemed on the rise (and by that I don’t mean to dismiss all Image comics – The Maxx is still a total masterpiece).

Aaanyhow I’ve not come back into comics per se, although I do pick up the occasional trade (like David Petersen’s excellent Mouse Guard for example) but I do avidly follow the podcasts of iFanboy. They don’t necessarily share the same tastes as I do but their enthusiasm for the artform is welcome listening. They hit 200 eps this week so this image (which I’d done a while ago) got dusted off and updates a little. Nice one iFanboy: now, 200 more of equal quality and more eh?