Daily Archives: 10 September, 2009

The ballad of Steve and Yoko.

So the day of three nine’s went by without huge incident: didn’t get a copy of Beatles Rock Band (on delayed order from Game.co.uk grrr), didn’t buy any of the CD’s (am interested in the mono’s but £200 are you having a giraffe?) didn’t watch the documentaries (McCartney’s historical revisionism? No ta) and didn’t see anything of interest in the Apple showcase (last years Zune functionality? Camera that doesn’t take pictures? Slightly shinier colours?)

As you might be able to tell, slightly underwhelmed by the whole kit and kaboodle. I was hoping for a mac tablet or Yellow Submarine iPod classic. In fact the best thing about it was Steve Jobs back on form, sort of kind of, and starting with a plea for people to choose to be organ donors, which is understandable bearing in mind the year he’s had.

So, with that sort of but not quite in mind this image fell onto my iPod Touch this evening.


All things considered they make something of a double act… But who’d get the leather chair and the white cat? Which of them would want a white cat bearing in mind they’re both wearing black? Ahhh the possibilities….