Daily Archives: 12 September, 2009

Halo 3: Odious Tea.

One misheard computer game name title quoted on the Joystiq podcast and this fell out of my fingers onto Brushes. Probably won’t make sense to the vast majority of anyone who checks this out but regardless; doodle ahoy:


((It’s a riff on the next in the Halo series – Halo 3: ODST – if anyone’s causing themselves scalpal issues with the head scratching nature of the secret hidden code.)) (((Also, in a little bit of art imitating life, I’m not a big fan of tea either. I’m more of a coffee guy myself.)))

Guildford art exhibition.

Went to an exhibition with the art students the other day and, like most things, I seemed to find it more interesting and exciting than they did. Sigh… You can lead a horse to water…

Anyhow took a few snaps, even though I only had my poor diddy struggling camera with me and here they is. Aiming to pop in today with a slightly better camera, especially after I took son boy into town earlier and it was a teeth grindingly awful exercise.








There’s more artwork going in soon, I’m told, and there’s more artwork than I’ve photographed – it was a bit of a rush in and rush out time – but if you want to check out the artwork in the flesh it’s in the old Black’s shop, near Nando’s at the bottom of Guildford North Street. Open on Weds, Thurs, Fri (I think). Worth a check out and your support.