Back to the doodle:


Still not really finished yet (hurrah for internet revisionism so that I can change the pic as I’m working on it rather than do lots of update posts with the same image on but 10% different) although the dog is a help to the image which was left hand heavy without him. I do know what would happen as it went on as a story if I did carry on with the pics (although I have enough stories cooking at the moment…)

Diff subject this is the latest in a series of Brushes pictures, drawn on a bus on an iPod touch in the main. I think, although there’s a gargamillion things to do before it’s a definite, that I’ll be exhibiting a few pictures both at the Book Festival and at the Guildford Exhibition in Phoenix Court. Hope it comes to be, have wanted to exhibit for a while now…

Also: Currently listening to: House of Heroes Acoustic EP and Meet the Beatles ep. Utterly ace stuff from an utterly ace band. Just a shame I had to wait for a friend to go over to America to buy them from iTunes as they’re unavailable here… So: they’re excellent, email a friend in the US post haste.