Daily Archives: 22 September, 2009

History repeating itself (totoro).

So a number of years ago, when this blog was in its infancy, I posted a pic of penguins that my wife had created. Basically she describes herself as a crafter, not as an artist, and does things that make her happy without any artistic reason behind them really. Which is both a good and a bad thing: it’s great that its just there for fun, bad that she doesn’t see the results as being artistic. Anyhow, to prove her just that little bit more wrong the page with the penguins on got many more hits that any of my arty farty posts and more comments to boot. So there, yah boo to me 🙂

Anyhow, in a case of history repeating itself wifey painted these shoes for daughter. They’re fab, just what they both wanted, and I can’t wait to see daughter parade the shoes around, most likely at the friday youth group where we’ve all been decorating shoes recently.


Also, while on the subject of wifey we had a very pleasant hour and a half finally playing Beatles Rock Band together last night 🙂 It’s an excellent game. We both mentioned that the packaging also tells the story of the Beatles too: Lennon was worth twice as much as McCartney in the end (my comment. Lennon always struck me as the greater songwriter, Harrison’s songs being more appealing to me than the majority of the Macca ones. Fool on the Hill and Yesterday… Shudder….) and wifey commenting that Ringo’s looking back just to make sure that the band haven’t run off while he wasn’t looking. Sorry. Game’s v good though.