Drawing with words.

I’ve taught typography a number of times during my college working years so far but a new app on the iPod touch has got m playing with it more than I had in the past. It’s called typedrawing and, as the title suggests, you draw with words and sentences.

It’s a lot of fun but the tool is a lot more limited than I would like. There is no way of outputting the file to your computer to upres it, which is a crying shame. Similarly there’s no colour tools, import tool, save tool… You get the jist. I know this is a little hypocritical bearing in mind I often applaud Brushes for it’s ability to do so much with so little, but at all time Brushes allows you to do what you need, typedrawing doesn’t.

Still it is loads of fun and I’ll keep playing with it… This came out of yesterday night post youth group.


Youth group was ace, incidentally. We’ve got a few new faces this term since we reopened the books and, for the most part, they’re slotting in really well. The one caveat is that a group uses the halls prior to us now and, where we used to have forty minutes to set up we now have four.

Not easy.

Anyhow; back to the pic:

The Tapestry has been breached.

Which will make sense post Oct when Dr Sylver three comes out.