Daily Archives: 30 September, 2009

And todays Big Book Draw picture is…


Not that this is a regular thing but I’m so snowed under with freelance and college stuff that I’m having to be disciplined with the Book Draw images which, despite being my favourite project, is a massive time sink and a total freebie. But I am enjoying the guts of it and it’s MASSIVELY exciting to see images and doodles come in from people I respect and admire… Neil Gaiman is the latest kind soul to do the do and that’s great as his graphic novel, Violent Cases (drawn by the equally awesome Dave McKean) was a formative part in my development of me working out what I wanted to be. NOt as much as The Secret of Nimh but on the same level of impact.

Anyhow, I’ve got ten ‘pages’ of the Book Draw beginning and end to draw and this is one of the more complex ones of which I’ve only got two left to do now. Which is cool, especially as the majority of this pic was done on the number 34 bus to and from work last night.

Much more to do but have to do a business powerpoint now to pay the bills (and likely subsidise a little bit of book draw at this rate. And also got to get son boy to bed, who’s been having an up/down day. Then daughter to sleep who’s also had an up/down day too). Onwards.