Anatomy of a splash:


Depending on a variety of issues life over the next two weeks will be a bit chaotic. I may be posting stuff, may not but the Big Book Draw looms large (as do a couple of other deadlines) so I’ll be focusing on them as much as I’m able.

Nearly all Book Draw doodles are in from the kind participants. That’s been very gratifying and encouraging. To pick favourites would be silly – everyone who’s sent me doodles are ace and some will appeal to different participants in different ways. A couple strike me as wonderfully bizarre and creative and that’s great. Can’t wait to see people’s reactions to them.

The above image is the workflow of the picture that comes up near the beginning of the story that is given to people to elaborate on. I must admit to having mixed feelings about it nowadays, having doodled the original pic a couple of weeks ago, as images of floods have weighed heavy over the past few weeks. But it’s a hard image to swap and hopefully not something which people will take a less happy message from. I don’t think it has the sort of feel that you can take a more ominous message from it but, that said, I often teach my students that if you can see a hint of a second message in an image take it out if you can. Time’s just not with me to change that much of the picture.

Righto, back to work for me. Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll look back on all this and laugh. As it is Big Book Draw and Sylver 3 are… well, there’s a lot to do lets just say.