True to form…

I said I wouldn’t have much time to post and OH BOY has that been true. Anyhow, for a much needed space to clear head, and 6.5 hours enforced thinking/planning time on a train, I skipped down to Rye to check out Dave McKean’s brilliant Narrative Arcs exhibition.

More on that later, it was a very powerful and moving show, but in the interim the one break I did get between leaving the house at half nine and getting back at half nine was a ten minute delay at Hastings, where I drew this:


Truth be told the perspective is dubious* and the colours slightly incorrect** but I enjoyed the doing of it for a few minutes change of route.

Book Draw stuff going OK, Sylver… ish… We’ll be there with readers copies on the Book Draw day I think but it’s been a STEEP mountain to climb.

Righto, onwards as ever.


**ahem ahem.