Not 100% better but well enough to go with family to see Up at the cinema. Thoughts:

a: 3d is turning into an expensive thing for cinemas. Our ticket price was almost doubled for just one more dimension.

b: Odeon cinema telephone booking system = fail. Asking for the middle seats (still available according to the Internet booking but we had a couple of specific needs to request) left us on the left hand side of the cinema. Annoying. as was the cinema staffs justification to wifey who was incensed enough to go out and complain.

c: Pixar does it again and shows a masterclass of how to tell a story and render it beautifully. If I had one small criticism I’d have said the pack of dogs was overkill and the story might have worked better with a group of domesticated animals captured across the journey (that doesn’t give too much away, shan’t go into more detail).

Regardless: loved it. Another beautiful Pixar epic. They are the studio that keeps on giving in a big way.