So, Chrome then.

Crashes during Comicraft font transaction and now demolishes everything I type into it in here… Odd, strange and bizarre…

Looks nice though and the advert for it is beautifully animated.

Let’s try this again then:

So. Jan 1.

A friend who’s number I do not have in my address book (so have no idea who it is, someone who’d changed number perhaps?) texted me a quote: an optimist welcomes the new year to see what it will bring, a pessimist waits for the previous year to finish. (Or something like that. QUote from memory – not great combination).

Me? Well. Probably pessimistic truth be told. Fora variety of reasons, the seeds sown in late 2008, I didn’t enjoy the year just gone in the main. This year? I hope better, so I guess I’m more optimistic. I do have some stories to tell, so we’ll see if any are liked.

I am a little dispondant, in ways, that my work doesn’t ever seem to get ‘there’ wherever there is. I’d like to see some of it be more recognised and enjoyed yet feel slightly estranged from the creative circles I move around. I’d like to be a little better regarded as a writer, because I think the stories I spin are OK and sometimes better than that, yet because of their basis, or because I spend have my time drawing, I feel that the projects I work on don’t hit a wider mark that they sometimes deserves to.

Similarly I wonder whether my desire to draw for half of the time causes problems with each area. Does my art suffer (HA! Now I AM an artist! Does my art suffer indeed 🙂 )…

…but do the pictures I work on suffer as a result of my lack of focus on that side of my life? I like being a doodler that writes and a writer that paints but…

Sigh… Thinking thinking where does it ever get me?

So! Doodled this in the past hour, just for the fun of i, just to doodle. Am aiming to get back to using Expression (and spent some of my Christmas money on a 4 gig ram upgrade for my laptop to better use Expression Studio amongst other software packages. I’m still primarily using Brushes on the iPod and EAGERLY awaiting the potential iSlate/tablet/nUton news, hopefully at the end of January. If the nUton comes with Brushes in the app store it will be a DAY ONE purchase for me as I love creating art on the iPod… But we’ll see…..

Anyhow: Microsoft Expression Studio Design 3 (Sorry MS – despite being an Apple fanboy I’m by no means an M$ hattorz but you NEED to get a naming thing sorted out for Expression. Let’s look at Adobe for a sec shall we? Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash etc all slip off the tongue and you can see the family links. Microsoft Expression Studio Design 3, Microsoft Expression Studio Blend 3 et al? Corporate, comittee silliness…)

Ahem, anyway: MESD3 time (which, despite the silly name I’ll stay and play with as it’s a lovely piece of software. Not as good as it should be: variable line width hallo?  Stroke soften, fringes, fill blur, effect lines? Where did they go? Regardless: lots of Expression love here in Chez Kercal for what that’s worth (not a great deal obv). Have a rabbit as the first image of 2010.


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