New Apple device naval gazing…


OK so it’s rare to see me without the iPod touch nearby, or not next to my Mac mini or Macbook… Or plugged into my iPod classic… Or teaching computer arts from a Mac Pro or iMac…

So it’s fair to say that I do fit nicely into the Apple fanboy* bracket.

And, like most of us, I’m as intrigued and interested to hear what’s coming next Wednesday as the next Appleite and thought I’d play the guessing game, just in case I’m RIGHT and then can TELL EVERYONE I was right 🙂

So: the Tablet? My predictions?

A: it won’t be called the Tablet. It has a medicinal ring to it, although it’s the better of the ones I’ve heard suggested that said. Personally I think it may well be called the Apple Canvas. Not the Slate, nor the iPad. Maybe the Aaple? Canvas is my first guess and Tablet the next. If not those then something completely new and unexpected: the Zoltron Uber Twelve for example.

B: I think the key USP will be in the creative industries. Yes I know that the invite alludes to that but a couple of things make me more convinced than most: Jobs is a famous aesthete, Hockney is said to be using the platform to create artworks, Brushes grabs the cover of the New Yorker etc and Wacom tablets have barely changed at all over the past few years (yes I know you can do pen and touch at the moment. In comparison to the iPod touch the implementation is far less instant and gratifying). Personally I create almost all of my artwork in Brushes now and hope to only dilute that fact by adding an Apple Canvas to the mix.

C: This is TOTALLY speculative and most likely factually incorrect but the makers of Pixelmator, a Photoshop style art package which is cheap on price and high on value and features, have had a three month break following the release of their last update, which may likely be 100% true… but what if they had a three month break to work on something else? Possible, unlikely, and more to do with what I wish more than what I know in any way but a touch screen device with large working space and Pixelmator and (I hope) Brushes built in? Day one purchase for me. Full stop. iWork is lacking an art app and Pixelmator is the obvious solution to the issue.

D: look, it just should be, alright? Creativity rules 🙂

Roll on next week. I’ll be there, in spirit, and on the internet pressing refresh on the Engadget site throughout. Hopefully it’ll be a game changer, rather than just another new set of iPod colours but, if it is I hope there’s at least an orange iPod touch somewhere in the mix.

*Not to say they don’t wind me up a wall on occasion. I’m still waiting for my ed rebate despite chasing and chasing but hey ho, they are a company after all…