Glutton for punishment…

OK yes, I know, I should have gone to sleep the moment I had the chance but this project…. This project… It sort of takes over my brain in strange ways.

So, been a while since I’ve done anything Big Book Draw related. For some reason I picked up the files the other day to have a look through and doodled about with a little bit of colour.


Which leads me to this. Another night gone but three books – colour throughout – made. One I’ll keep, one will be for someone I’m fond of and truly hope can be a part of the final action of the Book Draw and one will probably end up as a competition prize in some way.

So, 43 books. Should do something with them. What I’d like to do, what I’ve always wanted to do, is have an exhibition/book launch day where the people who helped come to recieve a mini-book each to say thank you. That’s what I’d love to do but whether I can we’ll see. It’ll take a smidge of organising and sometimes I have the energy and sometimes I don’t. The icing on the cake would be if we can get a story teller to tell the story with asides and jokes and comments as he/she reads the story aloud. That would give the media students the chance to film it as a Jackanory type story and would be a wonderful post script to a project that took over so much.

That said I am happy with the three coloured in versions. They look pretty sweet. We’ll see if they go anywhere.