Different subject.

Youth group last night was interesting. Normally I spend all week doing ‘the creativ stuffz’ so I tend to then do youthwork in the two non-creative rooms on a group night playing either football or Rock Band.

Last night was different as wifey – who does lead the creative stuff on a group night – was stuck for ideas so I said I’d do computer art with the kids. Actually it was  a lot of fun. We did a good amount of Photo booth, a fair bit of Photoshop liquify face mangling and a smidge of Pixelmator brush painting. This is possibly my favourite image from the night and came from Paige and I throwing Brushes around. Twas fun.

And once this is uploaded to work. I may well upload the Wombat pics up here but that’ll be a later job (sorry Pants) as they’ll all need resizing.

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