Road bump.

Oh boy. Sometimes I’d like dull. Hey ho I guess if I can keep my hair through latest road bump then I’ll be a wookie, my son.

Or something like that.

Also: doodled this on the bus to a lunchtimes worth of schools work today. Was fun although as I was described variously as: Jesus, Chuck Norris or Adam from The Hangover I wonder if anyone actually got the message I was carrying or just involved in a debate amongst themselves as to who I looked like the most.

Worryingly this file (well, some of the variants I was hiving off) are glitching like mad which is a little concerning bearing in mind I’m just over halfway through Wombat at the moment. Hmmmmm…. Hope it’s a temporary issue. We’ll see.

So: day of three halves for me: school work was fun, road bump less so and Brushes causing first furrows of frowniness. Time to sleep, hopefully not to dream.