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Victory of the Marmites…

So, as mentioned in a past post I’m a fan of both Doctor Who and Marmite. Which, somehow in my mind have become a little mixed up… Yeah, I know. Messy.

Onto this pic. I started it almost during the Dalek ep which, although some people seem to be very down on I thought was OK. Not a corking humdinging classic but not bad (and the past four series have seen some VERY bad amongst some VERY good). The main problem for the pic was that it fought me all the way through. I’ve liked parts, been really cross with others, but yesterday thought ‘this pic gets finished and posted one way or the other’. And it was, and it’s OK. Not classic 🙂 but not bad. Certainly not bad for being drawn on busses and Brushes 🙂

In the interests of Full Disclosure: I did use Pixelmator again for the last five percent or so of the pic, ie: one sharpen layer, one overlay. But that’s OK isn’t it? I don’t have to do EVERYthing on the bus do I? :O)

Just sent out 20 emails re book draw, Sylver etc…

… This is my least favourite part of the process (and there have been a fair few least favourite parts sprinkled around the wonderful amounts of creativity and storytelling that both projects have offered me to be a part of). 20 emails sent so we’ll see what sort of replies come through. For the most part I’m unconfident and have discounted success in most of them, let alone harbouring any expectations of a reply, yet still I find my mind drifting off occasionally in the hope that one will work out spectacularly well. We’ll see. I need to learn to say no and to learn to stop dreaming, or at least be able to turn things on and off when time would suit.

In other news a: have run around like a mad thing all day and now have the choice of going home and collapsing or going to an AGM. Sigh. Still the groups run were all sorts of fun and the kids, while not fully responsive, did enjoy the day so that was good. The exam also seemed to go well so… Well, onwards and outwards really.

b: I’ve had a wonderful review of Tapestry from Cross Rhythms. That can be found here. Made me smile a lot, which i good. I like those moments.


Off in an hour to youth work, then a Sylver meeting, then teacher training, then church agm.

Busy day.

Doodled these over the weekend while out with my dad (the beer one) and doodling with family (the flowers). May say more in the future but here they is anyhow. Hope life is fun and calm out there, somewhere 🙂

Dalekanium? Schmalekanium…

Ok so missed the first few minutes of New Who (been out at Legoland all day albeit with a bad back) and missed some of the ep itself as was out getting tea for the brats but for the most part that seemed like a solid ep. Ups and downs as with most things but it did give me the idea for this which I’ve been bibbling and bobbling about with through the day when my back was painful enough for me to need to pitstop and let the kids get on with things.

Drawn with love, both for Who and Marmite 🙂

Drawn almost entirely (as I often say) with Brushes. The bit below is what I added with Pixelmator: a enhance colours layer, an overlay/blur layer and an overlay b/w gradient layer.

Anyhow, in the voice of a Dalek, EXTERMARMITE!


Loads happening in the background but at the moment been doodling this throughout the day having been inspired by Jim Lee’s twitter feed. That said I’m more of a Ted McKeever sort of guy but, hey ho, was fun to play on.

Mr Ihnatko and Mr Lee.

So I’m a HUGE fan of Andy I on various podcasts and his writing and so forth. He amuses me seemingly effortlessly and is into the same things I am so it’s a good fit. He blogged the other day about meeting up with Jim Lee (yes, that Jim Lee) and that the two had  moved somewhat through adversity to do so, like Victorian gentlemen of old. That begat this which I doodled while listening to Pompy vs Spurs yesterday. Second half, plus extra time.


Molly and Steve part deux.

So, amongst other things, I love the Buzz Out Loud podcast. In general it sings me to sleep at night, being the last thing I tend to download around nine o clock.

As a show it’s effortlessly and magnificently chaired by Messrs Molly (Wood) and (Tom) Merritt and each spark off each other in different ways. Molly rants in the best possible way and Tom provides the very best in cheesy links. If you like tech then this is the show I tend to appreciate the most. The back up cast of Howell, Cooley, Tong, Bell, Needleman, and so on are all excellent fun and the guests all tend to add a lot. There have been a couple of dips and low points but its a thirty minute slice of tech joy I always love catching up on…

Hence doodling this. A cowardly caveat before uploading though: Apple are still the most vocal technology company in my life and Steve Jobs is still someone who has achieved much more than I ever will. Jony Ive’s designs are still a thing of wonder and I can’t wait to get an iPad. I’m sure Jobs’ sense of humour won’t see me banned from Apple stores prior to the launch of the iPad, right? I also, remembering one of the mini-in-jokes on the page, don’t find myself hideously offended by the Worldwide loyalty team per se, more the fact that it needs to exist more than the idea of it existing in the first place (although like much of what Apple does it’s very… heavy handed). I can see why some would disagree with that pov but I like surprises at trade shows personally. I hate seeing spoilers 🙂

As ever drawn in Brushes on my iTouch. This time over brekkie, which was, ironically, apple and blueberry porridge, so called because there was only one blueberry.



Doodled this as part of showing someone how Brushes app works. The first half was just me sketching as normal, the finish off just for the fun of completing the image… Then I finished off the picture in Pixelmator with a couple of filters while watching 24.

Zing! How’s that for multi-tasking…