4 thoughts on “Loving Doctor Who…

  1. Gdgd. Matt Smith’s settled in briliantly, Amy’s excellent and Moffat’s a genius. Which is nice 🙂 Ep 3 had mixed reviews here, although I liked it, and ep 4’s a corker. Or does that constitute a spoiler?

  2. Love the art. Definitely looks like Matt Smith. I think he’s cute, but all my interested friends were dead against him as the Doc because they all thought he was too young! They’ve all conveniently changed their minds now, of course! Another of my friends wants to get to know the actress playing the assistant!

  3. I know quite a few people who want to find out more about the assistant and tbh she’s been an amazing addition to the cast, as was the girl who played Amelia who I thought was the best thing about episode 1. I’m really enjoying the new series throughout, hence the random doodlings 🙂 Thanks for the added witterings 🙂

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