Last pic for a few days I think…

Tonight is installation of new vicar (yay, she seems like a good fit for our place) and tomorrow is youth group. Saturday is seeing off nephew number 2 to the other side of the world for a year out and so on… So it’s going to be hectic the next few days. Add to that a boat load of marking 🙁 and the writing of a pitch which I’m very keen on – and therefore more nervous of getting wrong –  and it’s going to be a busy time of it all.

Did this yesterday in a low hour. Had a meeting/chat with a young person who is seriously ill and who has little chance of recovery so went home, cracked open a diet coke (seemed the better choice) and finished this off  because my mind was so restless. Being on the sidelines as someone fights serious illness is pretty wretched although, obviously, not as painful as fighting the illness itself.

I’ve been loading up and not finishing the picture below for a couple of days but last night it just seemed to click and found itself completed fairly easily. It didn’t improve my mood too greatly -feeling fairly unimportant in the grand scheme of things – nor did the fact that the latest iteration of the Brushes viewer has a bug which is stopping it from upscaling imagery until there’s a patch released. (That said this in a year of hammering it this is the first bug I’ve encountered in the software to any great extent – it was just a matter of timing that’s all…)

So, final pic for a half week or so I think. Done in Brushes on the iPad over three days. It shows the battle between the Black Mite and good King Marty. May herald a slight shift of style for me – I certainly enjoyed the doing of it and it reminded me of something I wanted to try out a while ago and may shift onto sometime in the near future… We’ll see. For now it’s onwards to marking 🙁 With a few other things on my mind.

2 thoughts on “Last pic for a few days I think…

  1. The Black Mite does look as if he’s got the upper hand here. I’m sorry for your young friend; I hope s/he’s not in too much pain and has lots of supportive people around.

  2. Hurrah for the new vicar.
    Hurrah for you discovering a new enjoyable way of art and a shift in style.
    And prayers for the young person and all who know her.

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