The Direction of Adventure…

Yup, I’ve been quiet, sorry… Time’s been tight, there’s been some bad things in the background which I may blog about but probably not for a year and, well, stuff.

In one piece of news I’m now head of graphic design teaching at the place I work at. This is both a good and bad thing: for the past 3 years we’ve had 100% student retention and success and that’s down to me in some ways, and in other ways it’s terrifying because every year we’re supposed to do better than the last so, as I can’t do better that 100% my class size has been doubled.

Interesting times.

Anyhow… Image. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a pic off and on, when time allowed. It’s the most intricate and time consuming piece I’ve done and, because of that, all I can see are the problems. That said I’m now full time back at work and have to save, render and finish. It’s time to get back to teaching with fewer distractions, well, this one needed to be stopped anyhow: I could have pottered about with it forever.

A short history about why it’s at the top of my mind. I can trace (ho ho) my drawing love back to a couple of things: for animation it’s Don Bluth and teams Secret of NIMH, for comics it’s Ian Gibson’s lovely artwork on Dredd and for drawing it’s spending a lazy day trying to recreate an Indiana Jones film poster by the amazing artist that is Drew Struzan. In comparison I’m weak sauce indeed by to go back to staring at his work and trying to get a little bit into mine was fun.

Brushes app, which I still love to pieces, gave me one of it’s VERY infrequent headaches. For only the second of third time in hundred of pictures it crashed and lost the pic. Fortunately I’d managed to get a screenshot so could start less from scratch than I might have. Brushes is still the most fun you can have with an iPad or iPod though and it’s not worried me too greatly. One thing that did help me immensely though was picking up a Pogo stylus. Oh boy that’s helped and I won’t be without one to draw on from now on in.

Any more waffle? Um? The fab Jon Black allowed me to use a song for the soundtrack, which was kind…

Anyhow, tired + very achey eyes. Pic and vid. Night night 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Direction of Adventure…

  1. Great to hear, and see!, from you again. Sorry to read of dramas in life; I pray things are getting better.

    Congratulations on the job; my best wishes and prayers for all that lies ahead.

    Again: thank you for sharing your fantastic work. As someone who knows nothing about art, comics or even Apple :), I love reading about your inspirations [even if I don’t know who they are] and love seeing your work.

    I seem to recall seeing The Secret of NIMH when I was younger; for some reason I have the overwhelming image of terror when a crop-harvester [?} was bearing down on some creatures who may’ve been mice; odd that is my only remembrance — delicate child I was. 😀

  2. Thanks Ian 🙂 Yup, there was definitely a tractor in there and if I remember correctly it was a well handled scene of danger… Personally I remember being as affected by a children’s tv show that started with a shot of a witch cackling in a forest – so I think visual delicacy is something we all share at some point or another.

    but… you know nothing about Apple? Shocking 🙂

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