Man Thing.

So Comic Twart again. I do find that some things take over my mind creatively and I’m loving following this website week in, week out. Wish I could be a bigger part of it  but tbh it is for bigger fish than I. Week 11 of the Twart program offers the subject Man Thing (a Marvel comics character notably derided for hims slight similarity to a more well known DC comics character – ahem – and beautifully pastiched by Dave Sim in his Cerebus masterpiece) and I doodled this on the bus to and from work as always on my iPod touch.

On which subject – very sad to see that the new iPod touch has the retina display (good 🙂 ) and a hamstrung camera (very bad). In two minds about it – it was the thing I was keenest on people clubbing together to get me for Christmas – and knowing that it’s only half of what it should be is a little sad to see. Apple computers are a fab company sometimes but when they’re not they’re very much not.

Anyhow: Man Thing – 3 hours or so, 80% Brushes app, 20% Pixelmator finishing off (pretty much left side/ride side as a distinction) and now distractions over, back to work 🙂

(posted all three, don’t know which I like the most…)