Couple of new iPod/iPad pics.

… Book news coming soon…

But today one iPod pic from last week (Popeye – inspired by the excellent work as always on Comic Twart. Doc Shaner’s image is a total JOY To behold) and one from this week (Cap ‘n’ America). Cap’s been a pickle as, for the third out of four pictures, Brushes on the iPad has glitched on me (not showing one layer when rendered) which is a bit worrisome.



I think the glitch comes when I press the home button to escape the pic while painting, I think, but regardless it does add an element of worry when using the otherwise excellent paint package. That said there’s no other way I could have drawn and painted so enjoyably from 8.12 am to 10.44 am on the bus and train from Guildford to Bristol 🙂

In other news I’m trying to get an IAMDA UK meet organised to fit in with the meet in NY. We’ll see, as ever. Something I do one day must work, surely 🙂 We’ve got an amazing plan in mind so hopefully that’ll come to fruition.

Also: son boys birthday today. Lots of Mario themed stuff including a power star cake and a lamp and lightshade that look like they’ve come straight from the Mushroom kingdom 🙂 Been a long and lovely morning…