Backedy back

Hey guys, miss me?

I jest. Hi Mum.

What’s changed since last I was on? Hmm well, most pertinently to my calendar I’m now program manager for not one but two courses (because if you do a job well my employers believe in then throwing obstacles in your path to try and stop that from happening again) and heavily involved in a third which will come on stream in Sept 11. Also: my class sizes will double in ’11.

Hey ho. In ways I can’t complain – even the troubling students I have this year I have a like for and enjoy their company, when they’re not doing the things that may find them leave the institution they currently reside in. have had a couple of issues with anger management, drugs, drink and all that jazz but, for the most part the likeable side of the kids involved has never been blotted out by the less likeable actions they fall into. Hopefully the words passed on will make a difference, that’s the plan. Then again maybe my waffle floats away like all other sermons they’ve been subjected to. Time will tell and unlikely I’ll know the end result, just a small window of time and emotion.

Also: been doing a lot of covering classes for sick or stressed teachers.


Also also… well, loads to tell but for the moment but tired as a clam at the moment so will shut up for a while. Sylver news not really forthcoming – too tired busy and stressed to do much on that score bar pray which is awful but utterly in keeping with the gestation and release of the book. Artwork news slightly less tumbleweed like only because while on a bus I can draw happily and ignore the world I’m travelling on in a metal box at the time. Did draw this:

which somehow has ht 100,000 clicks on Twitpic. Yowsa. Whether that can be leveraged into anything I don’t know… Hmmmm again. Am aiming to send a pitch of the book this is from to a couple of publishers (it’s a children’s book, fully illustrated, very emotive). I;ve got a nice idea of how to show the pitch but hope that it leads to a face to face meet so that I can go through it outside of writing the bare bones.

Anyhow, time to clam up:

(pics taken from a series of 50 which are the backbone of my new business cards. Gotta love Moo 🙂 ) They’ll also be a part of the pitch that I send out – nearly all of my artwork – and all that I want to do on the illustrated book side – being done on the Brushes app on an iPod touch, generally on a number 34 bus).

Video file of the clam? Comin’ rightatcha:


Music by the lovely Mr Jon Black.

Night all 🙂