Me, with and without a beard.

I’ve had a beard so long that:

a: neither of my children have seen me without a beard.

b: my wife can only just remember me without a beard.

c: most of my students believe I was born with a beard…

and so on…

So, if you were ever wondering, this is an abstract representation of me, with and without.

Barely informative but hey ho, it’s been that sort of a year…

Click for larger version.

In other news: we’re gearing up for the latest wave of redundancies a my workplace, a yearly event for me over the past three years. I’m safe in one role but unsafe in the other which may well leave me with very few teaching hours. No idea where that leaves me to be honest although this and next year are and have been moderately stressful so a change may very well be as good as a rest in some ways. We’ll see… But just spent a coffee break with some of the ones affected and it’s left me less eager to get up and get back to classes 🙁


2 thoughts on “Me, with and without a beard.

  1. Whoever it was that said that drugs don’t work hadn’t seen your artwork.
    (which is which?)

  2. Most people grow a beard, or wear a false one, as a disguise. In your case removing your beard will have made you difficult to recognise.

    Hope your jobs are both OK. It’s not nice when redundancies are looming, I know.

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